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Patient Success Stories

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Dominick Nino

In less than 4 days, an athletic 10-year-old boy went from a happy-go-lucky kid to a leukemia patient fighting for his life. With a genetic mutation stacking the odds against him, Dominick was out of time and out of options until his parents found a potential life-saving clinical trial over 900 miles away. To read more about a desperate family’s determination to save their child, click here.

Slater Springman

An elite athlete trained to push his body clings to life after a routine workout sparked a cascade of life-threatening medical complications. Slater Springman’s body was in crisis battling a new challenge every day. The 22-year-old college baseball player spent 32 days in an out-of-state ICU before he could be stabilized. His full recovery depended on pulmonary specialty care 400 miles away in Tulsa. To read more about a young man’s harrowing illness and inspiring recovery, click here.