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Insurance Process

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Insurance Coverage for Air Medical Transports

Air Ambulance benefits are included in many health plans. The extent of coverage varies among policies and the language can be confusing. Angel MedFlight is committed to helping patients understand their coverage terms, ensuring patients can access their rightful benefits.

Angel MedFlight will handle the insurance process from start to finish, including:
• Researching the patient’s insurance policy to determine the patient’s eligibility and flight benefits
• Reviewing insurance authorization guidelines and compiling necessary documents
• Submitting pre-authorization request required by the policy for medical flight approval

If challenges arise with insurance coverage for an air ambulance transport, Angel MedFlight continues to advocate for patients by:
• Appealing insurance coverage denials
• Identifying alternative sources of coverage, such as motor vehicle policies, travel insurance, or workers’ compensation plans.

Commercial Insurance Companies

Insurance policies are complicated. There are thousands of different health insurance plans in the U.S. and understanding your rights can be difficult. At Angel MedFlight, we have deep expertise in navigating all types of complex insurance policies. For over 15 years, our highly experienced advocacy team has helped thousands of families secure their air ambulance coverage benefits and minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Put Angel MedFlight’s expertise to work for you.

No Surrprises Act

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