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Angel MedFlight is one of the largest air ambulance providers in the U.S. and we are always ready to help. Connect with us by phone or complete the online form.


Angel MedFlight makes it easy for you. Angel MedFlight streamlines coordination to expedite medical flights by handling all of the air and ground logistics, managing insurance authorizations, and communicating directly with the sending and receiving facilities.



Angel MedFlight delivers responsive service and high-quality care from start to finish. We have the expertise to transport patients safely to their next level of care whether the destination is across the country or around the world.


Angel MedFlight’s Critical Care medical team monitors the patient’s condition throughout the transfer, on the ground and in-flight. We transport patients on medically configured jet aircraft equipped with intensive care unit (I.C.U.) capabilities to ensure every patient receives high-quality care.

Medical Crew

Our Critical Care clinicians hold advanced certification for flight, exceeding industry standards. Patient care is provided by a Certified Flight Nurse and Certified Flight Paramedic.

Flight Crew

Our flight crews are among the best in the industry and each flight has two pilots who are experienced in air medical transports.

Jet Configuration

Aircraft are outfitted to support high-acuity care for patients, including a stretcher system, hospital-grade medical equipment, advanced technology, and emergency medications.

Insurance Coverage

We verify insurance benefits and manage the flight authorization process to minimize patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.



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