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Medical Repatriation

Medical Repatriation for High-Quality Care and Support

When international travelers are seriously ill or injured, they often need to return to their home countries quickly for care before their condition worsens or they incur substantial medical bills for treatment at a foreign hospital. Angel MedFlight streamlines the complex logistics of the medical repatriation process to expedite flights so patients can receive the best possible care in their own country.

Verifying Insurance Coverage

Angel MedFlight works diligently to use patients’ existing flight benefits for air ambulance services to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Many commercial health plans or travel insurance policies will cover emergent flights to the closest receiving facility. However, insurance coverage of international air medical repatriation varies by insurance plans. Angel MedFlight will research flight benefits, verify eligibility, and advocate for flight coverage with the patient’s insurance company.

Managing Language Barriers

Language can be a barrier in a foreign country, making it difficult to speak with the physicians and healthcare staff to understand the patient’s condition and treatment plan. Angel MedFlight works with translators frequently to collect necessary information from sending hospitals, allowing us to prepare an international air medical transport quickly. Angel MedFlight also handles any Visas required for flights coming in or going out of foreign countries.

Clearing Patients for Flight

Angel MedFlight consults with the sending facility’s physician or nurse to perform a pre-flight medical evaluation of the patient’s condition to ensure the patient is stable for flight. As an additional safety precaution, our Critical Care clinicians also complete an on-site, bedside assessment. Patients are then transported in medically configured jet aircraft equipped with intensive care unit capabilities, including advanced technology and emergency medication.

Let Angel MedFlight Help

Having a serious illness or injury in a foreign country can be scary and overwhelming. Let the Angel MedFlight team help. We have transferred patients from more than 40 countries around the world. We have the experience and extensive training needed to complete long-distance international flights so patients can be repatriated for expert care and support.