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May 5, 2017

Medical Flight Guide for Patients and Families

BY Angel MedFlight
Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance with Flight Crew | Medical Flight Guide for Patients and Families

For most of us, a medical flight is something we don’t even think about until we need it. Perhaps you didn’t realize that a service like this existed, where a business class jet is configured as a flying intensive care unit, with all of the medical equipment typically found in an emergency room and ready to deliver advanced patient care at 45,000 feet.

The aim of this patient guide for medical flights is to provide you with helpful information about your first trip on an Angel MedFlight air ambulance so you are better prepared for your journey as we transport you quickly and safely to your next level of care.

Preparing For Your Medical Flight

For the majority of our patients, a trip on a Learjet is something that just doesn’t happen that often. In fact, for those who might have dreamed of some day flying on a private jet, a medical flight probably isn’t anywhere close to what was originally imagined.

But in the end, this is a business-class jet that has been medically configured. So while the dream might not have been fully realized, let’s make the most of it and prepare for what’s to come!

Your Medical and Flight Crew

Each medical flight comes staffed with the most advanced medical care, with a critical care registered flight nurse and critical care paramedic on board to provide you with proper attention throughout the journey.

Each plane is flown with two highly credentialed pilots onboard with extensive training and experience.

Our perfect safety record speaks for itself, as we’ve flown thousands of medical flights across the country and around the world. As our patient, you will always receive the best possible care in the air and on the ground.

A Complete Bedside-to-Bedside Service

The air ambulance service by Angel MedFlight is more than medical transportation between airports. We provide you with complete, bedside-to-bedside care, with a ground ambulance on both sides of your journey.

Our medical crew will show up at your bedside, carefully placing you onto a stretcher and into a ground ambulance, and transport you to the nearest airport.

Once we arrive at the jet way, our crew will transfer you onto the aircraft, and into a secure position for your flight to the next level of care.

Upon arriving at your destination, a second ground ambulance will be waiting to quickly transport you to your care provider, as our medical team continues to accompany you throughout your transport.

Medical Flight Equipment

During the flight, we take special care of you, providing you with the ultimate medical care and comfort.  Each plane is configured as a “flying ICU” with a wide variety of advanced medical equipment.

Each aircraft is configured with a Life Port Plus stretcher that contains everything needed to sustain a critical care patient on short or long flights. Onboard medical equipment includes a 3500-liter high flow oxygen system, suction, and an LTV 1200 ventilator, Multi-Channel IV pump, and a Zoll Propaq MD heart monitor with a defibrillator and EKG.

Detailed Coordination on Every Medical Flight

As you can imagine, the transfer of a patient on a medical flight from sending to receiving facility entails a myriad of details in coordination and logistics. Securing a bed on the receiving end, working with the ground ambulance and crew, and positioning a jet aircraft at a very specific location and time requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure everyone is working together to provide a smooth, safe, and seamless transfer.

Behind the scenes, our flight coordinators and dispatch team handle all of the details so that you can focus on yourself, and your case manager and nurses can stay focused on providing you the best possible care.

Every single detail is handled on our side, from working with your family so you have loved ones on board when it makes sense, to providing you with food on some of our longer flights. We do everything we can to make your medical flight as seamless, comfortable, and simple as possible.

How Soon Can We Fly?

Because we don’t operate in a hub and spoke model, our time to position a plane is greatly reduced with medically-configured Learjets always on the go, as we transport patients from city to city. Depending on the urgency, our medical crew can be at your service within 24 hours. Most of our medical flights are non-emergent and typically arrive between 1 and 3 days of the initial call.

Additional Passengers on a Medical Flight

We understand that our patients often appreciate the love and support of friends and family during each transport. While each Learjet is configured and prioritized for advanced medical care, we do have additional room on board for up to two passengers that can accompany patients during their journey. Details depend on the medical condition that could necessitate additional equipment, so please check with your flight coordinator for details.

Meals and Accommodations

While our medically configured Learjets fly at very high speeds, we often travel great distances that occasionally require fuel stops. For longer flights, we do provide food and beverages for our patients. However, we always suggest packing your own personal bag with all of the essentials that you anticipate needing – on both long and short flights.

Luggage Allowances and Restrictions

Because each medical flight is optimally configured to deliver the most advanced care possible within the cabin, we prioritize accordingly with additional items brought onboard. Currently, we can accommodate up to two small suitcases for your journey.

Medical Flight Cost

When you request a medical flight, a medically-configure Learjet staffed with a highly credentialed registered flight nurse and a critical care flight paramedic are dispatched to your bedside. Also coordinated on both sides of the flight are ground ambulance transfers to and from your centers of care.  Please give us a call at 877-264-3570 to receive a competitive quote.

Medical Flight Insurance

In many cases, patients do not even realize that their medical insurance contains air ambulance benefits. Our team of patient advocates work around the clock for you, and from the initial call, our insurance experts take a close look at your plan to verify benefits. A full check only takes a few hours, so please call us with the following information and we could be on our way shortly to provide you with the best possible care.

Your Name

Date of Birth

Insurance Carrier

Member ID Number (or Subscriber ID)

Safety First

With a perfect safety record, our advanced care of patients extends through your entire journey. Our high standards of care are unrivaled in the industry, and we provide “Just Culture” concepts that always promote safety and open communication throughout our organization. Every medical flight is flown by two highly credentialed pilots with extensive experience, and the aircraft are subject to ongoing, thorough and meticulous inspections. Inside the plane, our team of medical professionals have the highest certifications in the industry to provide safe and proper care throughout the transfer.

Let’s Get Started!

We hope we’ve answered many of the questions you might have had about booking a medical flight with Angel MedFlight. We realize that information is often better shared verbally, so please give us a call with any additional questions you might have.

Angel MedFlight is staffed around the clock 24/7, and we’re open every day of the year to serve you. Give us a call at 877-264-3570 for general questions or a quote.


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