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Air ambulance flights to/from Alabama airport with transportation to/from Alabama facility.

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Need an air ambulance to or from Alabama for you, a patient, or a loved one? Our award-winning medical flight team at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services can take your patient experience higher. Here’s a quick look at our critical care services. Our preferred part 135 operator, owns and operates medically equipped Learjet configured for patient hygiene, safety, and comfort on the healthcare journey.

Alabama continues to become a more active tourist destination every year. In 2016, the state received more than 25.8 million visitors. Travelers visiting Alabama from other states or countries sometimes need to return home via medical flight (Jet ICU) for rehabilitation, treatment, or transplant following a critical injury, accident, or illness.

The state also has a growing senior population, as the oldest of the Baby Boomer generation are reaching their seventies, that number is only increasing. Senior patients often require an air ambulance or (Jet ICU) to reach the right level of care near their family members. Angel MedFlight’s award winning medical flight team is experienced in providing care and transports to all critical care patients, including senior patients.

At Angel MedFlight we understand that when it comes to getting your patient to the care they need, every moment counts. That’s why our dispatchers and flight coordinators are here for you 24/7 – so your patient can reach the care they need when they need it most. Angel MedFlight transports patients on medically configured Learjet that promote comfort, hygiene, and most of all, safety. A flight captain and assisting pilot fly our patients on every healthcare mission, while Angel MedFlight’s certified flight nurse (RN) and flight paramedic (EMP-T) provide complete care.

What makes Angel MedFlight different from other air ambulance providers?

At Angel MedFlight, every one of our clinicians strive for the industry’s highest medical flight team certification and training standards. One of our certified nurses (RN) and one of our paramedics (EMP-T) are on every medical flight to provide the best care available in the air.

Every Angel MedFlight medical flight team member receives regular training and exams on air medical procedures and patient care. Most of our medical flight team members have more than a decade of critical care experience and have earned additional specialty certifications, including CCRN, CEN, CCP-C, CCEMTP. They are also knowledgeable on the air medical industry and how to partner with Angel Flight and other healthcare organizations, so every patient reaches the right level of care.

Every Angel MedFlight clinician maintains board certification in the flight specialty, (FP-C and CFRN) to provide the best possible care to our patients in a controlled environment.

Our air ambulance flight nurses and flight paramedics frequently transport critical care patients from and to Alabama for rehabilitation, specialty care, treatment, and transplant. If you, a patient, or loved one is having a medical crisis in Alabama or needs an air ambulance to reach a healthcare facility there, our air medical flight teams can provide complete care.

Patients and their healthcare providers trust the company with the highest ratings online.

Angel MedFlight has achieved the industry’s highest ratings for patient satisfaction online. Our preferred part 135 operator, flies Learjet to promote patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction, traveling at higher altitudes for a faster, smoother flight. These medical transports (Jet ICU) include all of the key critical care components. Angel MedFlight’s certified flight nurse and paramedic, and flight captain and supporting pilot accompany patients and their loved ones on every medical flight.

Our air ambulance team members provide patients with complete care from bedside-to-bedside (at the sending and receiving facilities) to reduce stress and travel as comfortably as possible. We leave room on every flight for up to two loved ones to ride along for emotional support and a more positive patient experience.

Your medical flight team, flight coordinator, and your sending and or receiving facility all work together to address all of your healthcare needs, including prescriptions, oxygen, IV fluids, nutrition, and any other necessary accommodations.

Angel MedFlight knows that every moment counts. Patients, their family members, and healthcare providers can easily and quickly navigate air ambulance options with our flight coordination team members to qualify for any insurance available.

Our air ambulances fly statewide in Alabama.

Angel MedFlight’s air ambulances are available for flights to and from airports across the state of Alabama.

Alabama Airports

Angel MedFlight can dispatch a Learjet to an Alabama airport with a runway length of at least 5,300 feet.

Dannelly Field – KMGM
Montgomery Regional Airport is a public and military airport seven miles southwest of Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. Owned by the Montgomery Airport Authority, it is used for general aviation and military aviation, and sees three airlines.

4445 Selma Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36108
Phone: (334) 281-5040

Jack Edwards National Airport – KJKA
Jack Edwards National Airport proudly serves as an important aviation hub for the entire Gulf Coast and South Alabama as the prime destination for travelers arriving for business and pleasure.

3190 Airport Drive
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
P.O. Box 919
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36547
Phone: (251) 967-3968

Mobile Downtown Airport – KBFM
Mobile Downtown Airport is a public use airport located three nautical miles south of the central business district of Mobile, a city in Mobile County, Alabama.

1891 9th St
Mobile, AL 36615
Phone: (251) 438-7334

Alabama Hospitals

Southwest Alabama Medical Center
Southwest Alabama Medical Center provides comprehensive care to patients in Southwest Alabama.

33650 US-43
Thomasville, AL 36784
Phone: (334) 636-4431

Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children
The children’s hospital in Birmingham Alabama provides care and support to Alabama children and their families.

1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233
Phone: (205) 638-9100

Monroe County Hospital
Monroe County Hospital is a 94-bed general and medical facility serving Alabama patients.

2016 S Alabama Ave
Monroeville, AL 36460
Phone: (251) 575-3111