Bob’s Story


Parents are the loving hands that guide us through childhood and steer us into the adult world. When they can no longer care for themselves or cannot be adequately cared for at home, it becomes imperative for their adult children to select a long-term care facility close by to monitor their treatment and ensure their comfort.

Recently a Texas man, Bob Nichols*, was confronted with this situation. Bob’s parents, John* and Catherine*, have been married for 62 years and have lived most of that time in Pennsylvania, more than 1,500 miles from their son’s home outside San Antonio. Following a stroke in the spring of 2009, John has required in-patient rehabilitation. After several months of treatment, it became apparent that Catherine needed assistance in supporting John’s recovery. Bob convinced his parents to join his family in Texas. However, at 83 years old, John’s weakened physical condition made commercial air travel extremely risky if not impossible.

Bob contacted Angel MedFlight to request an air ambulance medical flight for his parents. Cheryl Stroman, an Angel MedFlight flight coordinator, assured Bob that she would handle every detail of the medical transport, with Bedside-to-Bedside® service for his father. On October 22, the Angel MedFlight medical crew secured John’s stretcher and assisted Catherine into a medically configured Learjet 35 bound for San Antonio.

“I wanted to move down [to Texas] in ’96,” Catherine explained to the medical crew during the flight, “but he [John] wouldn’t do it.”  Now, being close to their family for additional help and support will be highly beneficial for John’s recovery. Four short hours later, the couple arrived in San Antonio. Catherine thanked the Angel MedFlight medical crew for their care and dedication, exchanging hugs with them. Bob was relieved to have his parents safely escorted to their new home in Texas and he immediately contacted Cheryl to express his appreciation.

“My mother and I just wanted to thank Angel MedFlight for all of their help and consideration moving my father and mother to Texas. It could not have went any smoother just as they told me it would. My parents got here safely and dad is in the nursing home and I’m sure his progress will improve. Again, thanks Angel MedFlight for the tremendous effort. The crew was great with my parents.”

*Names have been changed to protect the patient’s privacy.