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Angel MedFlight is the leader in Patient Advocacy, Clinical Care Standards, and Safety across the air ambulance industry.

The Angel MedFlight Advantage

Angel MedFlight is the leader in Patient Advocacy, and Clinical Care Standards, and Safety across the air ambulance industry. We work hand-in-hand with facilities across the country to ensure we are an extension of their clinical standards and protocols. Our unique partnership with the leading healthcare facilities in the Nation allow us to deliver best-in-class care to our patient population.

With Bedside-to-Bedside® service, the Angel MedFlight team safely transports patients across the country and around the world, delivering unparalleled patient care. We are a healthcare company first and foremost.

Patient care is centric to our mission.

Two RNs escorting a patient onto a medical flight - Air Ambulance

Your Journey


MEDICAL STAFF Who are experienced critical care nurses, paramedics, and case managers

PROFESSIONAL COORDINATORS Who manage all details of air and ground transportation

FLIGHT CREW Who are specially trained in medical transportation needs

SPECIALTY TEAM Of lawyers, insurance specialists, and staff who take care of it all




Our Care

Our clinical program is built on the foundation that patient care is paramount. Our clinicians go through rigorous on-boarding and reoccurring medical flight training to ensure we deliver best-in-class care. 

Our Clinical Medical Crew is unique as we are 100 percent licensed in Advanced Certifications (CFRN/FPC) – a first in the Air Ambulance industry. Our team earned the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing Recognition (BCEN) and we are dedicated to clinical excellence.

Our award winning medical teams don't just meet the standards, we created the new quality benchmark.


Don't just take our word for it. See what our patients say.


Lori's Story

On 6 November 1995 my son Matthew was born, truly the best day of my life. On 22 June 2006 my bone marrow transplant donor cells arrived from Germany, truly the second best day of my life. On 28 December 2013 (2,747 days later), my bone marrow donor Michael arrived from Germany, truly the third best day of my life.


Our Focus on Safety

Our safety management program is a foundational element to our mission of delivering exceptional care while managing the complexities of aviation and healthcare. Our safety framework extends throughout the company and is governed by a committee of industry experts. We've expanded upon the industry leading safety protocols and standards and we maintain a robust and proactive approach to our aircraft, our equipment, and our processes. 

Our embodiment of our safety program is ingrained in our company culture, our team cohesiveness and our ongoing believe that our patients are our family.


Our Patient Advocacy

Our Patient Advocacy efforts are unrivaled in the industry and putting our patients first is our mission. We coordinate all the details with healthcare facilities and insurance to make a medical flight seamless. Our team of aviation and healthcare professionals are experts in the industry and have a wealth of knowledge around evidence-based medical outcomes, insurance plan design, and effective case management practices.

We fight for insurance pre-authorizations and approvals and appeal benefit claim denials on behalf of our patient if insurance benefits are wrongfully withheld.

We are the voice of our patients. We are the helpful hand when one is needed the most. We focus on managing all of the details so you can focus on what matters most – getting to your next destination.